Februari 2016

At 't Ven in Nunhem (NL) there is a special, sacred atmosphere. An introverted place that reveals itself on the water of the forest in the Leudal nature reserve. On February 25, 2016, on the occasion of the TV series ‘Natuurlijk voor elkaar’ (‘Naturally for each other’), a short walking route was created and the forest was cleared. The central point in the route 'Ommetje Nunhem' is 't Ven, where you can enjoy the relaxing view on a bench. A place ideally suited to reflect, to come to your senses.

To mark this moment and to enhance the special character of the place, Jonathan Wanders was asked to realize an artwork. The artwork Relict consists of natural stone elements in the water. Shape, color and structure match the wooded environment. The elements interact with people, water and the environment. The natural stone elements break through the rhythm of the trees, creating a different dynamic. This and the vertical character is enhanced by the reflecting water surface.

A playfulness and focus point is created so that the thoughts, the fantasy, are stimulated. The artwork is clearly visible when you sit on the bench, on the other side of the water. The elements seem like a relict, a remnant of earlier times. Everyone can fantasize about it themselves. They are building blocks for the mind. Are they the remains of a historic building? Was it a gate? Are they leftovers from another reality? You can fill in the meaning yourself.

Relict is not only a work of art to view and fantasize about, it also invites you to play. It is possible to stand on the natural stone blocks that lie in the water. Balancing without getting wet. Playfully interaction with the water.


Title: Relict
Location: 't Ven, Nunhem (NL). Publicly accessible
Process: January to February 2016
Completion: February 25, 2016
Material: Natural stone, bluestone
Dimensions: 5x5x3 m (wxlxh)
Client: Stichting IKL on the occasion of TV series 'Natuurlijk voor elkaar'. Produced by Let it Edit and broadcasted on L1
© Jonathan Wanders