March 2016

On March 24 2016, the artwork Rainbow was realized on the occasion of the TV series ‘Natuurlijk voor elkaar’ (‘Naturally for each other’), at the Meerse Kamp in Stevensweert (NL). Volunteers then laid out a new orchard and placed the artwork together with artist Jonathan Wanders. Rainbow marks the entrance of Stevensweert as a colorful landmark, situated on a large fishing pond in a beautiful, green environment.

The artwork Rainbow, a recurring theme in the works of Jonathan Wanders, symbolizes diversity, but also tolerance and solidarity. Diversity means not only the (bio) diversity in fruit varieties, plant and animal species at the Meerse Kamp, but also the diversity of the schoolchildren, who can regularly be found with their supervisors in the Meerse Kamp, and all residents and visitors. The artwork is for everyone, but especially for children. The colors, shapes and elements invite to play. You can hang on it, walk through it, stand or sit on it.

On March 22, 2016, two days before the artwork was completed, a number of attacks took place in the Belgian capital, Brussels. Rainbow, a colorful, playful and hopeful monument to a peaceful society, is dedicated to all the victims.




Title: Rainbow
Location: De Meerse kamp, Stevensweert (NL). Publicly accessible
Process: January to March 2016
Completion: March 24, 2016
Material: Reinforced concrete and 7 different paint colors (Trimetal Globacryl Villa Velours)
Dimensions: 7 elements of 100x5x200 cm (wxlxh) at 1 m distance from each other. Artwork as a whole: 100x635x160 cm (wxlxh)
Client: Stichting IKL on the occasion of TV series 'Natuurlijk voor elkaar'. Produced by Let it Edit and broadcasted on L1
© Jonathan Wanders