Rainbow Sundance

June 2022

Rainbow Sundance is a contemporary, colorful and dynamic translation of the Cramignon. A traditional circle dance that is danced in various places in the municipality of Eijsden-Margraten (South Limburg, Netherlands) and in neighboring Belgian places in Wallonia. A cultural and musical identity as a cross-border lifestyle and connection.

The artwork celebrates the diversity of all the varied life on Earth. For all colors of people, flora and fauna. But also values like inclusiveness (equality), tolerance and solidarity. And without sun, no life. No sun, no rainbow. On the other hand, the universal and powerful symbolism of rainbow and sun refers to hope and happiness. In the background you can see the connecting, undulating landscape with hills, valleys and the river Maas that are typical of this area in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

The artworks are created by converting hand-drawn illustrations into a digital design. The designs were then printed on special, thick mother-of-pearl paper with gold foil. The seven works of art are bundled as a total package with a golden ribbon that was used for the artwork Inside the rainbow (you find yourself).

You can frame the artworks as a whole or per element or always carry them with you in your inside pocket or wallet. A gift for yourself, friends, family or for a stranger on the street.

Second series of Kunst-O-Maat
Rainbow Sundance was commissioned by the municipality of Eijsden-Margraten for the second series of artworks of the Kunst-O-Maat. A recycled vintage cigarette machine which can be found in the PLUS supermarket in Eijsden, the Netherlands. It offers a changing collection of eight small works of art specially created for this purpose. The artists live/work in the municipality or used the environment as a source of inspiration.

The works of art are for sale as a total package for a symbolic price of €4 in a limited edition of 35 and signed on the back (verso).


Title: Rainbow Sundance
Location: For sale from July 2022 at the PLUS supermarket in Eijsden, the Netherlands. Address: Cramignonstraat 1, 6245 CP Eijsden, The Netherlands.
Process: March to June 2022.
Quantity: 7 works of art in a limited edition of 35. Total: 245 pieces.
Signed: on the back (verso).
Material: Mother of pearl paper (300 gr), double sided full colour, single sided golf foil, uncoated. Organza glitter (gold: wide 25 mm).
Dimensions: 50mm wide x 85mm high per artwork.
Client: Municipality of Eijsden-Margraten.
Special thanks to: Maureen Bachaus (municipality of Eijsden-Margraten), Laura Selvi and Ward Schoonbrood (Bureau Schoonbrood).
Photos: Maaike Faas (Maaike Schauer Photography).
© Jonathan Wanders