Noorbeek Enchantment (#2)

June 2020

From June 2020, everyone can dine and relax again under an enchanting, crystal starry sky in Noorbeek (NL). The terrace of Saint Brigid Inn (Herberg Sint Brigida) has again been transformed into a special and intimate place where you can dream away under the crystal chandeliers by artist Jonathan Wanders. Sheltered by a stately silver lime (linden) tree, you imagine yourself in Italy or France.

Since September 2014, four antique, crystal Maria Theresa chandeliers have been on display at Herberg Sint Brigida, as part of a complete restyle of the outside terrace by Jonathan Wanders: Noorbeek Enchantment (#1).

The warm and authentic atmosphere from the inside was extended to the outside, with an emphasis on quality and intimacy. Complete customization: The chandeliers hung on a slim, black metal construction attached to the façade anchors and resting on the branches of the silver lime tree. After the necessary adjustments, the chandeliers were made suitable for the Dutch outdoor climate so that they could shine all year round.

"The special lighting immediately attracted attention," said Brigitte and Frans van Wissen of Herberg Sint Brigida. "Passers-by stand still, take photos and immediately make reservations for lunch or dinner under the chandeliers." Shortly after this restyle, they reached the top five in the Terrace of the Euregion elections and several media came to watch in Noorbeek. “Visitors experience the terrace with a mix of admiration and wonder.”

Noorbeek Enchantment #2
At the end of 2019 it was decided to replace the chandeliers and Wanders was commissioned to develop something new, if possible even more special. The result: four silver, bag chandeliers: the lighting is enveloped by thousands of beautiful crystals. Wanders: “Four different chandeliers that represent the four family members: Brigitte, Frans, Frederique and Matthijs. They are unique in character, but together they are one. ”The thousands of crystals provide a great experience, during the day they shine in the sun and in the evening the crystals sparkle thanks to the lighting. "It seems like you are awake and dreaming at the same time ...".

Light, bright, Brigid, Brigida
Both Saint Brigid Inn as owner and hostess Brigitte owe their name to Saint Brigid, patron saint of Noorbeek, a village in the Netherlands. St. Brigid, also called Bridget of Kildare, was born from Irish parents in 453. Even as a little girl she standed out because of her exceptional beauty and she radiated an impressive piety. Therefore, they gave her the Celtic name for 'light': 'Brighid' or 'Bride'; think of the word 'bright' or 'shining'.

Come to Saint Brigid Inn (Herberg Sint Brigida) and be enchanted by the smile of hostess Brigitte, the cooking skills of Frans and the beautiful chandeliers under the stately silver lime.



Title: Noorbeek Enchantment #2
Location: Herberg Sint Brigida (Saint Brigid Inn), Dorpstraat 36, Noorbeek (NL). Publicly accessible
Process: September 2019 to June 2020
Completion: June 10, 2020, renewal of Noorbeek Enchantment (#1)
Material: Four bag chandeliers (galvanized metal and chrome plated for silver color, thousands of crystals (30% Pb), copper and plastic elements, 45 candle lamps (E14 and G4) of 5W, waterproof connectors, electricity), metal construction (construction steel, base coat, black lacquer mat ), ironwork (steel, forged, satin black coating), electricity (eg transformer dark green, 220V to 12V)
Dimensions: Terrace as a whole (incl. bag chandeliers, metal construction and ironwork) is 8x8x6 m (wxlxh)
Client: Herberg Sint Brigida (Saint Brigid Inn)
With special thanks to: Brigitte and Frans van Wissen, Thomas Loo
Photos: Tetsuro Miyazaki
© Jonathan Wanders