Maastricht Enchantment

July 2016

Enchanted by the special chandeliers of Noorbeek Enchantment (#1), Jonathan Wanders was commissioned in 2016 to realize a similar project in the garden of a private house in Maastricht. A gift from a woman to her husband who turned 50.

An antique crystal, vertical French chandelier was chosen. Made of galvanized copper and hung on a stainless steel chain giving the whole a matt silver and slim appearance. After the necessary adjustments, the chandelier has been made suitable for the Dutch outdoor climate. The elegant chandelier hangs outside under a Magnolia tree above a dining table. The whole looks subtle, intimate and warm: a Maastricht Enchantment.


Title: Maastricht Enchantment
Location: Garden private home Maastricht
Process: February to July 2016
Completed: July 2, 2016
Material: French crystal chandelier (copper, crystal, glass, plastic, candle lamps 5W, waterproof connector, electricity), stainless steel chain, electricity (including transformer 220V to 12V)
Dimensions: Chandelier with chain as a whole is 60x60x500 cm (wxlxh)
Client: Private
Special thanks to: Thomas Loo
Photos: Jasper Kroese
© Jonathan Wanders